Filiason #19 – Lucio Capece + ONsemble – Yuri Landman

SATURDAY JANUARY 29, 2022 AT 20:00 – 4/5/6€ – Les Ateliers de Bitche

Filiason #19 (v2)
The Nantaise evenings of sound experimentation also become moments of encounter between international and local musicians.

We invited musicians from ONsemble to a meeting with the composer, improviser and sound artist Lucio Capece from the Berlin scene.

Lucio Capece

Lucio Capece Profile: Argentinian musician based in Europe since 2002, specifically in Berlin since 2004.
His main instruments are Bass Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone. After 10 years focused in Electro Acoustic Improvisation he dedicates in the last years, to works focused in the Perception experience, that he performs mainly in Solo and in the context of occasional collaborations. He composes his own pieces that may include improvisation and different ways of writing. He uses tools like Flying Speakers hanging from Helium Balloons, Speakers as Pendulums, Analog synthesiser, Sine Waves and Noise Generators, Drum Machine, Ultra-Violet Lights. He has also written compositions for different kind of Ensembles working the same aspects in the context of traditional Instrumentations.

“Lucio Capece’s music, even if it requires a lot of attention and concentration in listening, has this particularity in the world of the avant garde that it seems to reach the listener directly, in the depths of himself, without great detour, without circumvolution, without smoky theorization or abstruse conceptualization. It would become almost easy to access for the foreign or hermetic people to this world. (Freesilence)

Epimoric Tide by Lucio Capece


Created in 2012 by the association Apo33, ONsemble is an electronic and contemporary music ensemble evolving between Nantes and St-Nazaire.
As an experimental platform gathering musicians from all walks of life, instrumentalists, improvisers, composers, one of its objectives is to play, create and interpret works from the last forty years. The fact of updating a repertoire that is less and less activated in regular programming and that, in fact, has become ignored by the public, seems to be a crying necessity for not only musicians and listeners of today in order to appropriate radical, difficult, invisible, innovative works, etc., but also to renew, or simply reactivate, the questions and practices of interpretation and concert. It is therefore a question of those questions and practices that we already experience individually and from which it would be essential to exchange, to learn (unlearn), and to initiate works together.

For this meeting the following musicians of ONsemble will be present :

Carine Léquyer – harp, electroncis
Sarah Clenet – doublebass
Jenny Pickett – prepared guitar, electronics
Tristan Ikor – saxophone
Julien Ottavi – percussions

Yuri Landman

1st part with Yuri Landman

Solo concert by Yuri Landman: repetitive music on a series of instruments invented by him, made of wood, strings, metal percussion, motors and other strange objects.

Instrument inventor Yuri Landman is a Dutch figure of sound creation and experimental music.
As a sound researcher, he created electric zithers or guitars for Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Jad Fair of Half Japanese, Lou Barlow of Sebadoh, Mauro Pawlowski of dEUS, and many other cult bands.

He also proposes a workshop to make his guitar in Bitche on January 26/27, 2022 :

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