Transmission art : Silences of the internet

From Tuesday 11th May till Tuesday 9th June 2020

After a long period of constant information, Apo33 is seeking for the silences of the internet. A new project for a post-media state – Sound and visual continuous online installation.

Part I :
Streaming of “pure” silence from 2 empty virtual room !
Lab for silence research, it will evolve during days as a permanent installation and regular non-performance.

Part II :
We are now taking sound and code directly from the activities of Apo33 servers.
Sonification of internet activities through our servers we proposed another online installation using raw sonification and visualisation of network real-time processes.

Part III – live stream from the external sound and visuel of Apo33 server, last part became physical. Two electromagnetic sensors are monitoring the electrical radiation of the server while a webcam is recording live LED indicators of server activities




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