Sunday, November 29
Plateforme Intermédia / La Fabrique – 16pm – 3€

We propose a new series of ciné-siestas during the year showing independent feature films and the film before the film that includes short films, from avant-garde or experimental or cutting edge practices. This first series includes titles in which sound is of great importance in terms of plot and cinematic experience

We kick off with the thriller Ecoute le temps (Fissures), a French film by Alanté Kavaïté (2005) and the film before the film: “Micro-sillons” – by JRSulgard (2015)

Ecoute le temps (Fissures)
A sound engineer (Émilie Dequenne) uncovers strange traces of past conversations on her tape machines as she investigates the murder of her clairvoyant mother.

Engraved audio, magic, science, a way of writing history, of physically printing on a medium. Microwave Furrow is a visit to the land of the infinitely small in the writing of an invisible object, trying to see this writing of time through the picture enlarges its registration. This film is not a narrative it is an endless loop.