14 juillet au 5 août : Electropixel14 – UK tour 2024

Electropixel #14 – UK tour 2024
14th July to 5th August 2024

With Solar Return / Apo33 Collective / Fibrr Records / Radio Noise Collective
Exhibitions, Concerts, Workshops, Residency, presentations, performances


14th: Fibrr Records / APo33 (Demos/Installation/presentations) – Iklectika – Experimental Music and book fair

20/21st: Solar Return / Lucia H. Chung – The Floor Festival – Carnedd / Cardiff

22th/23rd: Apo33 Bot exhibition / Solar Return – Awen33 / Bangor-

TBC: Apo33 Antenna / radio camp workshop – Suffolk

TBC: Radio Noise Collective – workshop + installation – Norwich


1st: – Solar Return – Electronic Open Mic – Norwich

ELECTROPIXEL #14 – En-Crypte

Festival of emerging digital cultures and free electronic practices,
Electropixel is part of an international network of electronic arts festivals. The festival creates a unique space for artists (audiovisual, musicians, visual artists, intermedia, performers, etc.), theorists, programmers, tinkerers, and inventors of all kinds, alongside everyday makers.

Join Electropixel 14 with its theme of dual interpretation: “En-Crypte”. This edition explores the mysteries of encoding and decoding through digital arts and electronic practices. “En-Crypte” presents artistic forms that reveal and conceal, disclose and obscure, using technology as a key to explore the hidden depths of contemporary suburban creation. From immersive installations to interactive performances, this theme invites participants to discover how artists transform the digital and electronic realms into fertile ground for reflection, play, and revelation. Immerse yourself in the cryptic universe of Electropixel 14, where art and technology blend to create new perspectives on our electro-branched world.