Residency and presentation: EXTRA DIMENSIONS

Research residency on sound spatialization and virtual reality.

Frédéric Villeneuve Séguier, Loth Valat, Thomas Bigot

Presentation of the sound spatialization device JLFSPAT

Meeting with the artists in residence and small aperitif offered on Wednesday, January 11th at 6pm – Plateforme Intermédia, 4 boulevard Léon Bureau 44200 Nantes

Presentation of the extra dimensional project :

The intention at the heart of this installation is to question the notions of perception and representation of the world. As a tribute to cosmology and particle physics, in particular to extra-dimensional models (Kaluza Klein, string theory), EXTRA DIMENSIONS immerses the public in a multidimensional space-time (N > 4), in which evolve, not matter and energy, but agents with visual and sound properties.

Within the virtual reality device, the public is immersed in a dynamic universe in 4 dimensions of space-time.

A physical sound spatialization system surrounds the area where the spectator evolves and generates an immersive sound environment. The public sees its two senses, visual and auditory, stimulated by information coming from two different space-time.