Filiason #10.6 @ Sat May 2, 2020


Saturday, 2nd of May 2020 – 20:30 – 00:30 (UTC+2)

Filiason #10 is a weekly session live internet. Every saturday, discover artists who’s playing live internet during the confinement. Emotions will run high on night ! Experimental, new, noise music and mix of styles.

The extra : you can staycomfortably at home and chat with artists !

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8.30pm – William Nurdin

Nurdin William aka NW “RIR1009” // (fr-nancy) – Serendipity ≈ ASMR.
Born in 1980, multi-instrumentalist active since 1998. Impregnated by an existential desire to link noise music to performance. Actionism and Serendipity, a distorted accident of mastery.
Founder in 2011 of the RoHS Prod Label, he currently lives in Nancy, France.
William Nurdin, as Seb Radix and Anouck would say, is a guy who weighs in the noise game. Master Nurdin is a kind of mad scientist prey to an acute transmusical exploration syndrome. An imaginary world in the service of noise.


9.30pm – sainsŵn

sainsŵn (Wales) (pronounced “sine-soon”) explores sound, narrative and materiality in multiple forms of praxis including fine art, sculpture, performance, installation, and critical poesis.


 10.30pm – Lucio Capece

Italian-Argentinian musician based in Europe since 2002, specifically in Berlin since 2004. After been educated in classical music at the Conservatory of Morón in Argentina for 10 years, and in Jazz in Argentina, Lyon and New York, Capece has been very active in the Reductionist Improvised Music scene in Berlin ( 2002-2010) and in the radical minimal scene related with the collective Wandelweiser collaborating mainly as member of the collective Konzert Minimal (2008- 2018) and, since 2006, and still in activity, with Radu Malfatti.
Since 2010 he dedicates to offer works focused in the Perception experience, that he performs mainly in solo and in the context of occasional collaborations based in the same interest. He composes his own pieces that may include improvisation and different ways of writing. He uses tools like Flying Speakers hanging from Helium Balloons, Speakers as Pendulums, Analog synthesizer, Sine Waves and Noise Generators, Drum Machines, Ultra- Violet Lights, Sensors as much as the instruments that he has played for 25 years: Bass Clarinet and Soprano and Slide Saxophone. Beyond instrumentation and tools, the main intention is to focus in the physical-social-spatial human experience.

11.30pm – Cerpintxt
A post-ape progress report from the cosmic madhouse, through the medium of voice, auto-destruction, and regressive performance, wind-guided, meekly ritualistic, discordant experiments in protoconversation.
Combing Her Torso To a Pile’, is the second layer for the musical experiment to be conducted in Dialectically Mediated Distance From Oneself, a musical game directed at discourse in perception of the self and its extensions, within the symbolic network of intersubjective relations. Within this layer, evoked by the representation and construction of a palette of cognitive fragments which maintain fluxes; sonic events as real happenings independent of their source, maintaining a life of their own.  A study in the concretization of narratives, alluding to the missing fundamental, and experiments in simulating uterine environment. The work concerns navigating a repertoire of memories, dreams, events, and narratives, to create a deposit for collectively shared subtleties in experience. This layer uses clarinet, voice and field recordings.


Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya

In this live set Niblock mixes between audio pieces based on diverse field recordings which are very different from his music compositions. Liberovskaya mixes video with Jitter/Max/MSP from a vast personal database of clips shot over the past fifteen years..


0.30am – Alexandra Cardenas

composer/programmer/improviser/live coder
Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1976. Studied Composition at Los Andes University, where she graduated in 2000. She also studied classical guitar and mathematics. Her work has been played in several concert halls in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, Europe, China and India and have also been played by many different soloists and chamber ensembles.