Call for proposals – AUDIOBLAST FESTIVAL #4

concert / live / sound / streaming


26th to 28th of February

Audio in a network, Digital sound festival using the INTERNET as a venue for diffusing LIVE experimental, drone, noise, field recordings, sound poetry, electronic, contemporary music.

The festival will be streamed live online and in a quadraphonic sound system at the venue “La Plateforme Intermédia” in Nantes, France.

The theme this year is “the Neurons Shout” / “le cri des neurones”

The Neurons shout

Electrical transmission running through our neural networks produce all kinds of stimulations and impulses within us every day. The Internet network can be taken as a comparison of the nervous system that conveys information between neurons, are not exactly the same type of information circulating the same way or to pass this information – Electrical vs. Digital : is put in relation to its copy.
Since its origins, cybernetics seeks to re-create its own reality, whether or not this is wanted, by taking it into account the question arises : how can we transform this approach?
The Shout as a proposal for a sound practice combines its own dematerialization and reinstatement of disruptive wave vibrations in a powerful sound system – Taken as a starting point we propose “The Shout” as a constitutive element of musicality and poetry, all nuances that may transcend technological reality !! Is it possible? Let us know !!

If you would like to participate to the festival (one hour maximum per artist), Please send your proposal with the following information : a few lines presenting your audio work and how it links to the theme, please, fill in the form below.

Deadline : proposal sent by Sunday 4th of January 2016, before midnight.

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