Exhibition – Blandine Brière

June 12 to 22, 2019

Exhibition of Blandine Briere

La hauteur des trottoirs

Blandine Brière is an artist who appeals to our memory. She reiterates the vernacular thought always in favor of a process which values ​​the fact of living together … Blandine does not claim a special researcher but follows this ethics in these plastic realizations. It puts forward a questioning that is realized in contact with each one, in a form of personal intimacy; based on sound research. It broadens the tolerance of music to the evocation of sound time. Close to the thought of Cioran “music is sound time”, she takes the time of a story that tells itself, (who realizes), who signs without being limited to the narrative. It is not uncommon to find in his previous works echoes of speech, the narrative thread, the skin, the alchemy of molecules.


Achievements that do not necessarily present an icon but evoke the breath of an oracle, pavilions, antennas that transmit a mental image above all vibratile. At the edge of the membrane vibrates therefore a message to be considered, a territory via the body and the text; to be heard as the [cortex] of a territory. Far from the identity of a gallery, Blandine BRIERE’s works are based on research and the institution.

Camp de Base


Nothing kitsch or too elitist, there will be no crunchy anecdotes but a pure sincerity of the artist’s well-being engaged by his research, the syncretism of a value that is not measured by numbers, where “nothing is established”, but as the anagram of Albert Einstein says “everything is relative”, where science and art are work of philosophy, artistic ecosophy.
Baptiste Vanweydeveldt, from the “Dessous” catalog, May 2017.

Opening on Wednesday, June 12 at the Petite galerie d’art sonore, 17 rue Paul Bellamy.
This exhibition will be the first part of a two-part exhibition; the next will be at the Atelier 8 Bonus Showroom on the island island from July 5th to 21st.

Visits from Thursday to Saturday from 16h to 19h. Free entry.