Filiason #3 – 25/03/2019

Friday, March 15, 2019


Evening mixing the sound experimentation and post-techno ElectroSpeed. From Pim-Poum to Pghhh and Crhhhshhh, in short from Electronoise.

With :

  • Jinkstraum

Noise, ambiant & drone from Vendée!
I make sound under the name of “Jinkstraüm” and work with audio textures in various ways (using image files to generate sounds then reworking those, using synthesizers, amplified guitars, glitching / stretching / remixing various sounds by pushing Ableton to its limits …). Through this, we could say that I create something that could be similar to noise, ambient and drone.

  • Julien Héraud


  • AL Ghubara’ AL ‘ajanib

A mystical, oppressive and esoteric touch. A slow, dense oriental music procession with a very loud volume where incandescent matter will have to be found; like a dull anger that rises to the surface. The presence of a silent duo, among guitars, voices, percussion and keyboards, meditative tablecloths, offer the public an experience where rock gimmicks or oriental music are violent or distant. It is around the Iraqi poet of the tenth century that they found essence: Abu El Moutanaabi! Where Black Metal is made of electroacoustics, or the contrare.
Strange strangers.

  • Teniang

Sound realization from recordings in the city of Nantes this winter 2018-2019.

Les Ateliers de Bitche, Doors at 20:30.