Audioblast Exposition

From Wednesday 6th to Friday 22nd February 2019

Audioblast Exhibition – Carte Blanche

This exhibition proposes an unusual listening experience for the live recorded pieces of the artists who participated in previous editions of Audiobalst. The mobile listening, sculpture is an original creation by Apo33.

With : 

  • Solar Return
  • Kurt Liedwart
  • Randall
  • Robert Lisek
  • Khaled Kaddal
  • DrNoise
  • Chloé Tallot
  • Carbon Sink
  • APVague
  • TMS
  • Stefano Alessio
  • Marta Zapparroli
  • Joerg Piringer
  • Raphael Ilias
  • Emanuel Lalande
  • Claude Heiland Allen
  • Ravi
  • Frederic Mathevet
  • Laura Netz
  • Fecal Vomit
  • Florine Mougel
  • Daniel Stimmeder
  • Jean Bender
  • Sébastien Lemporte
  • 2batmol
  • Hildegarde Von Stick


From Thursday, January 24 to Wednesday February 6, 2019

ARCHISONIE (Space Research Body, Sound and Architecture)

The workshop-creation of the Archisonie research space proposes to set up a broadcasting and spatialization device for the Audioblast exhibition. How the body, the sound and the architecture interact in a relationship of questioning and transformation of listening context.

Opening of the Audioblast exhibition on Wednesday 6 February at 18:30

Visits until February 22 from Thursday to Friday from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Intermédia Platform, 4 Boulevard Léon Bureau.