Call for proposals – Audioblast #7 – deadline extension!


22nd to 24th February 2019

Audioblast is a festival of sound creation using the network as a place for diffusion, it comprises numerous practices in networked audio, experimental music including; drone, noise, field recording, sound poetry, sound art, ambient, electronic, contemporary music and much more…
The festival will be broadcast live online as well as through a quadraphonic sound system at the Intermédia Platform, Ile de Nantes.


This year’s theme is:

SonoMorphoTectural / MorphoSonicEctura
Transformation of bodies, situation and architecture by sound.

“I do not hear the world, I suffer it! ” From this perspective, we first receive sound directly without choice or mediation. Whether we want to listen or not, we cannot shut our ears. Yet beyond this particularity, we can consider the world as a composition in movement; as a music, melody or as a sound object for a sole listener: you, yourself and your ability to hear a complexity of noises and sounds in a given space.

Each sound experience of a space is different from one person to the next. The context of a place may concern a group of people, an institution or larger communities, but the first experience of sound is generally non-shared, it remains essentially individual in its reception.

If the transformation of an architectural space by sound, what we will call the SonoMorphoTecturality, allows us to imagine the multi-sensory experiences of a place beyond the threshold and the limit of the materiality of a construction, the body represents the ‘receiver’, an antenna potentially emitting with which the sound can interact and through this relationship provoke another vision of the composition of an architectonic.

conditions :

-your proposition need to be for an hour minimum
-propose a project withing the theme of this year festival
-Apo33 can’t pay any travel and performance will happen mainly online (if you wish to come to play “physically” at the Plateforme Intermedia venue, you should manage your transport on your own).
-each artist will received 20€ for his/her online performance of an hour (minimum)
-fill in properly the form before the 20th of January 2019 at 0h00

make your proposal for Audioblast Festival #7 below: