Electropixel Club presents HACK ME at the Cube, Paris!

Electropixel Club presents Electropixel Festival
HACK ME! – Electronique instruments, Modular synthesizers and real-time composition

Wednesday 4 July 2018

These Electropixel Club rendezvous are conceived as a moment that the festival to open outwards. During this time, festivals’ artists will be contribute to other events or spaces, including workshops during the day, exchanges with other guests, concerts and performances.
At the Cube – Centre for Digital Creation, Electropixel club hosts workshops to discovery and build modular synth:
from constructing basic circuits to discovering complex synthesiser module and workshops showcasing free software for digital creation. The program highlights several concerts, performance and live audio-visual artists, from the craziest circuit bending to electronic chamber music to extreme visual and skin-deep experiences.

Electropixel Festival

Festival of Emerging Digital Cultures and Free Electronic Practices.

Electropixel Festival is a digital art festival centred around experimental transversal and emergent practices, as well as the relationship between avant-garde codes and art. Electropixel is aimed towards becoming an international festival that offers a space of exchange, experimentation and development for both programmers, inventors of all stripes and artists (audio, visual, music, art, interactive) using new technologies in their creations. Electropixel wants to engage in an open dialogue with the Nantes Contemporary arts and artists’ community through this festival and reflect the diversity of these critical practices locally, nationally and internationally.



Program :

-de 14h à 18h – workshop and encounter around DIY electronics, Free Software and Modular Synthesisers

-20h – concert, film and live audio-visuals with :

-Enerzion – Sound performance using everyday electrical appliances and circuit bending
-Marc Caro – Live A/V, light hallucination film and electronic sonority.

-Solar Return – projection and live electronics

-Ensemble Dime – new composition by Julien Ottavi for electronic instruments electronics and influenced by public participation during the performance of the composition

-Final éclair with DJ Cambi&Jokilla – Enter old school hiphop, speedcore, dubstep punk and films cutp-ups trashcore

Workshops and signing up :

-Workshop 1 – Simple electronic construction for beginners: build a synthesizer based on the 555 chip – 20€ per participant (price includes electronic components)

-Workshop 2 – build a modular synth, help and advice for the assembly of the synth, choice of modules (how to navigate), discovered, tests, practices and exchanges many modules, possibility to prepare the project upstream. – € 15

-Workshop 3 – discover free software for audio-visual creation, through the new version of the Apodio12-beta free operating system. – € 10

réservation ateliers et soirées!

Billetterie Weezevent

more information about the artists

Enerzion :
Enerzion proposes a chaotic and hypnotic noise experiment punctuated by fragments of reality. Her practice revolves around circuit bending, field recording from everyday objects (cathode-ray TV, clock radios, analog video mixer …)

Ensemble DIME :
(itinerant electronic music device)

Ensemble DIME is an open group of professionals and amateurs that goes beyond the historical schools of electronic music by offering unlimited forms of writing and composition in the use of new lutheries and digital technologies. The whole creates his own works collectively using participatory technologies: the public sometimes participates in the real-time composition and manipulates sound processing tools. DIME is a group that develops new relationships to musical writing and the interpretation of new compositions. The ensemble plays in a concert hall, a gallery, mobile stages in local neighborhoods or even on a street corner.
Interpreters : Marc Caro, Jenny Pickett, Romain Papion, Vincent Loret, Julien Ottavi, Christophe Lemaire, Chloé Malaise.

Marc Caro :
Marc Caro is a French director from Nantes. An artist at heart, he published in the 70 cartoons in Charlie Monthly, Heavy Metal, fluid Glacial and L’Echo Savannah. In 1974 he had an encounter that will influence his work, that of Jean-Pierre Jeunet with whom he produced numerous short films, a music video and feature films which Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children. During the 80s, he directed an industrial band, Parazite. He released his first solo feature in 2008, Dante 01 with Lambert Wilson.

Solar Return
Nantes based artists Jenny Pickett and Julien Ottavi created Solar Return in 2009. Taking electromagnetic phenomena as a starting point for their audio creations. They have produced various scores for dual audio synths/oscillators/DIY electronics etc…which reflect patterns and electromagnetic events such as solar flares and inner city mobile phone mast end as well as the unfathomable audio world of kitchen appliances. Through their performances the duo tunnel deep into the world of frequency, static and sound as a physical experience.
They have performed at various events and festivals in Berlin, London, Nantes, Marseille, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Rotterdam, Brussels… .


With the support of DICREAM-CNC and the Cube – Centre de création numérique, Paris.