Ctenocene : a Meduse topology

“Jellyfish thrive on the chaos humans create. Overfishing wipes out their competitors and predators; warmer water from climate change encourages the spread of some jellies; pollution from fertilisers causes the ocean to lose its oxygen, a deprivation to which jellyfish are uniquely tolerant; coastal developments provide convenient, safe habitat for their polyps to hide. In addition, the great mixing of species transported across the world in the ballasts of ships opens up new, vulnerable ecosystems to these super-adaptors.”


Taking the idea of the jellyfishes sensory ecology as warning system and a starting point we want to create an installation exploring chaotic patterns and absurd circuits using the electromagnetic spectrum by producing autonomous modules which affect the space by producing sound, light and new composition from touch.

Meduse project v1 – Residency at The Hague from apo33 on Vimeo.