Inauguration: Park inn

A summer event organized as part of Electropixel # 12 and the “Cultural Summer 2022” scheme, Park Inn is a protean event organized in the parking lot and the garden of the Ateliers PCP for a month. 
Exhibitions, participatory workshops, concerts, wanderings, video projections, radio set, shows and performances will follow one another or cohabit throughout the duration of the event.
Inauguration: Thursday 18th of August , 2022!

In the program :
From 5:30 p.m.
-“It is the season of the ebb tide, of the waning of the moon before the winter solstice…” | whispered aperitif by Marjorie le Berre | parking and garden on the street side.
– concerts | TERRINE, headliner (Amiens), Régis Victor, charming crooner (Marseille) Kevin Cardesa, Dandy of art (Nantes) | car park and garden
From 8 p.m. party
Dinner aperitif and
-Inauguration of PROBE | site-specific sound installation by Claire Veysset and Aude Aubert | hut-work by Benoit Travers | car park
-Opening “Do boats have a soul?” | exhibition by Joël Vince & the PCP artists, curated by Hélène Cheguillaume & Lou Villapadierna | workshops basement