Electropixel 12 – Los Angeles – Collage – 12th of August

Friday 12th of August 2022 | 7.30pm doors open
Tickets:www.collageartculture.com or tickets are available on Eventbrite
Collage, 725 S Pacific Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731, USA


THENOISER (sound poetry + computer)

Ottavi likens “deconstructive music” to a strategy for “re-interrogating our relation to time and space through sound”

JENNY PICKETT (prepared guitar)

Jenny Pickett is a member of the artists’ collective APO33 (art and technology research lab) in France, where she works on projects ranging from interactive installations to experimental music and performance. She has been performing Live using huge VLF antennas as an instrument since 2013 in combination with Prepared guitar and electronics.

VRG Bls (Performance, voice & electronics)

Solid display of Bliss’s musical and mood-altering abilities, ambient dream from the mind of Brian Eno or even Aphex Twin.

MARLO DE LARA (voice & electronics)

“Using found objects, installation, and various forms of amplification, I assemble environments and structures that use sound to impart meaning and affect for the participant. While I assemble installations and sound sculptures, it is the interaction between sound, the visual work, and the story of those that encounter the work. I use video and film in my practice as well as live performances of improvised sound. My work is often informed by my experience as the child of Filipino migrants of the ‘brain drain’ and my coming of age. The work is created through an unabashed feminist sociopolitical practice/research that editorializes on contemporary global conditions. ”

Festival of emerging digital cultures and free electronic practices, Electropixel is part of an international network of electronic arts festivals. The festival opens a singular space allowing the meeting of artists (audiovisual, musicians, visual artists, intermedia, performers, etc.), theorists, programmers, tinkerers, and inventors of all kinds and of the factories of the everyday. For this new edition of the Electropixel festival, we plan to deepen the relationship to the collective and to shared creation through a network of international exchanges.
The festival continues to imagine and think about the new modalities of artistic creation during the pandemic and in particular the disintegration of the idea of commonality and sharing. We need to find links in creation, new ways to explore new writing together rather than being isolated, confined, separated. How to build creations that represent multiple and delocalized collectives?


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