Exhibition – Bestiary – “Les instruments inventés”

From May 8th to 30th

Open to the public!


“All bodies that resonate tremble and shudder”

The bestiary is an exhibition about invented instruments, those of our time: circuit bending, electric lutherie, electronics and other strange beasts to play differently!

With Chloé Malaise, Solar Return, Jérémy Picard, Mad Professor, Fryderyck Lexpert, Igor Porte and the Mario Bending workshops

DIY, electronics, violin making, sound art and new music

Chloé Malaise

Through a practice closely linked to sound, sound installation, electronic experimentation and hacking, Chloé Malaise develops an artistic project that examines our hyper-electronic and material environment, whether through installation, live performance or the creation of sound tools, her projects take the form of formal and/or technological reappropriations that question our relationship to the architecture and technologies that surround us.


Igor Porte

As a visual artist and musician, Igor Porte has been developing his own experiments in electro-acoustic, sculptural and electronic music for several years. In his installations, he immerses us in sound landscapes that he shapes from materials extracted from his daily life. Using walking as a tool for research and exploration, it is through a multitude of urban and rural sites that he enriches his practice of feld-recording, and his collection of objects that he will then animate using various techniques.


Mad Processor

Essentially self-taught, Mad Processor opened up to the art world through skateboarding, which he linked to a musical (trip-hop, break, minimal), photographic and graphic (with graffiti art) universe.


Jérémy Picard

Passionate about digital cultures, the DIY world and artistic creation, Jérémy Picard has worked as a multimedia author, web integrator and handyman of all kinds. His career path leads him to be interested in the intersection between art and technology, while remaining playful.


Fryderyck Expert

Initially trained in the audio-visual and music
visual and music professions, Fryderyck Expert devotes his passion to sound experimentation and its transmission. His practice includes the recording of musical projects, sound installations, Circuit Bending and workshops on electronics.


Ateliers Mario Bending

This is a project whose central actor is the child. Based on the practices of circuit bending (electronic diversion of toys), we proposed to the children of 4 classes to reinvent their favourite objects by calling upon their free creativity. Once these objects/characters have been transformed, we will work on their manipulation in order to give them life in the form of puppets. Object theatre allowed us to approach puppets in an unconventional way.

Solar Return

Solar Return is a variable geometry ensemble, composed of the duo Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi. The body of their music is based on the generation of frequencies and the interpolation of multiple digital oscillators and analog modular synthesizers. Solar Return offers improvised electric and noise music. Electromagnetic phenomena are the starting point for their audio creations. They have produced various scores for two audio synthesizers / oscillators / DIY electronics etc. that reflect electromagnetic patterns and events such as solar flares and the end of the mobile phone mast in town as well as the unfathomable audio world of kitchen appliances. Through their performances, the duo sneak into the world of frequency, static and sound as a physical experience.



DIY, Electronique, lutherie, art sonore et nouvelles musique

Exhibition from May 8 to 30
From Friday to Sunday
Between 3pm and 6pm, at Plateforme Intermedia
Boulevard Léon Bureau, 44200 Nantes

Finissage-Concert evening on May 29th at 6:00 pm at Ateliers de Bitches
3 rue de Bitches, Nantes