FiBRR Records celebrates Christmas !

The FiBRR Records label launched by APO-33 celebrates Christmas !

For this occasion we give you an exceptional offer of -50% on every product of the catalogue.
And for the whole collection, -70% !!

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The FiBRR label is not a label in the traditional direction. Fibrr constitutes the extension on support CD of an artistic step of research. The artists FROM APO33 develop an artistic work with the crossing of the peformance and installation as well as improvisation and writing through projects with other artists.


FORMANEX – 20 Years Of Experimental Music

Nantes trio Formanex celebrates 20 years of activism in experimental music with a 10 CD edition full of amazing collaborations with ONsemble (contemporary music group from Nantes and Saint-Nazaire) and composers they have worked with. The box set includes early works by Formanex’s own Julien Ottavi, unique compositions created by Keith Rowe, pieces by Kasper T. Toeplitz, Ralf Wehowsky, Seth Cluett, Michael Pisaro, Radu Malfatti, as well as other giants of contemporary music from the last 50 years; such as Phill Niblock and Christian Wolff.

A rare collection of CDs, this box set represents a broad vision of experimental music from noise to electronic abstract composition, radical minimalism, contemporary and improvised music.



Confined in the cosmos, the multiple facets of a single chant resonate in the vibrating bodies of the strings, from which emerges a supernova spitting flames of invisible worlds. Snow Crash is the ultimate crossroads between two extreme poet-performers, modern transe singers combining voodoo noise, ultra powerful sound, the explosion of screams and ecstatic tongues, rocky incantation and granular possession. A conjuration, a deep noise, a channel of energy.

KK Null – The Noiser – Bruital Orgasme LP (vinyl)

Kazuyuki Kishino, Julien Ottavi, Nath & Fil Cavaleri



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