Filiason #10.4 @ Sat Apr 18, 2020


Saturday, 18th April 2020 – 20:30 – 01:00 (GTM+1)

Filiason #10 is a weekly session live internet. Every saturday, discover artists who’s playing live internet during the confinement. Emotions will run high on night ! Experimental, new, noise music and mix of styles.

The extra : you can staycomfortably at home and chat with artists !

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Mathieu Bec

drummer / improviser / composer
Mathieu Bec sculpts a minimalist sound from silence based on natural frequencies and acoustic improvisation.
His outsider minimalist aesthetic summons an archaic paganism by playing the “void” … Scuplting sounds, this atypical percussionist uses various objects from daily life. He questions the present time by breaking the codes of our physiological perceptions. “The basic solo of percussions becomes a dark shamanic trance….unique experience !!!” (G.Chevreau)
In recent years he has also joined the regional conservatory of Béziers and also intervenes for initiation workshops on percussion and its history.

Óscar Santis

Óscar Santis est sculpteur, peintre et musicien du bruit
He is a sculptor, painter and noise musician
He started experimenting with sound synthesis generated in computers and has participated in electronic music projects and free improvisation.
His subject of study, in the visual arts and sound, are the relationships between the different layers that build the perception of reality.
His solo work is focused on the investigation of noise, glitch, interference, void and silence.
Its current sound is a cross between analog elements, pedals, feedback and the digital process with Pure Data on the computer.

NSA, Gisle Frøysland and Maite Cajaraville

NSA is a collective art project initiated at 2014 by Maite Cajaraville (Spain) and Gisle Frøysland (Norway). Their first world premiere was held at Digital_IA, Poland. Since then they have exhibit together and individually in many festivals and galleries.
Gisle Frøysland is a founding member of BEK – the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art and an initiator/director of the Piksel festival for free use of technologies in artistic practice.His work has been presented at several international festivals like Electrohype, Dissonanze, Transmediale, Borealis, Ultima, MakeArt, Pixelache, Mal au Pixel and Electropixel. His past collaborators include KKNull, Emi Maeda, VuNhatTan, John Hegre, Lasse Marhaug, BAKtruppen and Motherboard.

Maite Cajaraville (Spain)
With a focus on interdisciplinary art, video creation and digital art, Cajaraville has exhibited wildly internationally. Selected exhibitions include BerlinFest, Kunstverein de Frankfurt, Venice Biennale, Sónar and Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Her video works has been shown in cultural TV programs, such as Metrópolis, La Mandrágora, Antiestático, Miradas. She receives commission for her work “Body and Sexuality” from the Film Museum in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and “Mediarama”, Art and New Technologies festival. She is co-curating the Piksel Festival in Norway, TransPiksel in South America and Zarata Madrid together with Enrique Vela and Miguel Angel García.



Paleo Electric Ritual based on Control-Voltage, Drones and Effect Pedals



TheManta is post-techno project playing music since 2010 from Speedcore to live coding critical minimal beats. Based in Nantes and London, TheManta wish to change the vision of techno music and dance floor to a new modern version updated from 90s stuck copier. Move on everyone! Dance Floor is not a desperate loop in time or a clubbing commercial trap!

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