Formanex celebrates 20 years of experimental music

Formanex celebrates 20 years of activism in the service of experimental music with its guests : AMM, Phil Niblock, John White, ONsemble for an evening that will make the most collaborations and the improvisation. A visual and sonic experience, with films projections and musical creation.

Saturday 12th October, at 8PM.

Location : le Lieu Unique
2 Quai Ferdinand Favre,
44013 Nantes

Artists present :

Founded in 1965 in London on the margins of the most adventuroux jazz, AMM is one of the groups that freed improvisation from the cultural shackles that prevented it from taking off into the unknow. Fundamental in the emergence of what is now called “improvised music”, AMM allowed the junction between several anat-garde: the open works of the most intrepid composers, the most libertarian bruitism and the most abstarct free jazz.


From the beginnig of its creation in 1997, the ensemble Formanex has been interested in the poduction of new musical forms in comptemporary music. In this sense, it is part of the continuity of the history of experimental music.
Formanex’s inital work lies between improvisation and composition from graphics elements. The influence of the electroacoustic music and the plastic arts leads the members of Formanex to develop a spatalisation work thought in terms of intervention-performance in a given situation.

Ensemble of electronic and comtemporary music evolving between Nantes and St-Nazaire bringing together muscians of all stripes, instrumentalists, improvisers ans composers, one of whose objectives is to play, to create and interpret works of the las forty years.

Phill Niblock’s “intermédia” (1933, USA) combines minimalist music, conceptual art, structural cinema, systematic art and political art. Know as one of the great experimental composers of our time, Phill Niblock somposes pieces that must – as he points out – be listened to at high volum to explore their over-harmonics (overtones). He also directed “the Movement of People Working”, a series of more than 25 hours films produced between 1973 and 1991.

A piano and tuba instrumentalist, John White studied at the Royal College of Music. Influenced by the work of pioneers of minimalist music, notably Steve Reich, this prolific composer has written more than 160 piano sonatas, 21 symphonies and more than 30 works for ballet.

Note: the concert will be followed by an evening at the bar (electronoise & alter-beats post-dance floor). From 10PM.

Price : 12/24€
Info and booking :