Filiason # 4: Ensemble Dime

Friday, April 5, 2019


Concert of the Ensemble DIME – Constellation Myriad after 3 days of residence.

It is composed of:

Marc Caro – Modular synthesizer
Jenny Pickett – Modular synthesis, laptop and midi controller
Chloé Malaise – Laptop, midi controller and DIY instrument (do it yourself)
Romain Papion – Mpc (synthesizer and drum machine), laptop and sequencer
Vincent Loret – Modular synthesis
Julien Ottavi – Synthé modulaire et laptop
Christophe Lemaire – Synthése modulaire

From Wednesday 2nd to Friday 5th April 2019

Résidence Ensemble DIME – Constellation Myriad

DIME is a set that will develop new relationships to musical writing and the interpretation of new compositions. In this creation, the spectators will be able to act via their smartphone and their tablet on elements of the violin making used by the interpreters: they will be able to modify certain filters or effects but also sets of instructions pre-programmed to guide the game of the musicians.

Ateliers de Bitche, 3 rue de Bitche, doors at 8:30 pm.

Free price :