Audioblast Festival #7

From Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February


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Audioblast Festival # 7

Festival of sound creation using the INTERNET as a venue for diffusing LIVE experimental, drone, noise, field recordings, sound poetry, electronic, contemporary music…. (concerts, retransmissions and performances).


Friday :

8:00 : Sébastien Job & Janusz Brudniewicz
9:00 : Rémy Carré
10:00 : Osvaldo Cibils
11:00 : Laura Netz – Mathr

Saturday :
2:00 : OFFAL
4:00 : Radio Noise Collective
5:00 : Les Lumières
6:30 : Les Lumières & Guilhem All
7:00 : a30t
8:00 : STM
9:00 : The Manta
10:00 : Sebastian Ernesto Pafundo

Sunday :

2:00 : Solar Return
4:00 : Bot Mix V2.0
6:00 : JRF
7:00 : Corpse Etanum

chat with the artists:

The festival is streamed live online and in a quadraphonic sound system at the venue “La Plateforme Intermédia” in Nantes, France.

This year’s theme is : SonoMorphoTectural / MorphoSonicEctural Transformation of bodies, context and architecture by sound.

“I do not hear the world, I suffer it! ”

In this way, we primarily receive sounds directly and without any choice or mediation. Whether we would like to listen or not, we cannot close our ears. Beyond this particularity of hearing, we can consider that the world is a composition in motion, a music or an audio form playing for one sole listener: you and your ability to hear a complexity of noises, sounds and the music in a given time and space.

Each sound experience of a space is different from one person to another, the context of a place may relate to a group of people, an institution or larger communities but the first experience of sound is usually un-shared, it remains essentially an individual reception. If the transformation of an architectural space by sound, something we call the SonoMorphoTecturality, allows us to imagine these multiple sensory experiences of a place beyond the threshold and the limit of the materiality of its construction, the body representing the receiving antenna, a potential emitter with which the sound can interact and through which this relationship provokes another vision of the composition of an architectonic.

Opening Friday from 20h to 0h00, Saturday from 14h to 23h, Sunday from 14h to 20h.

As part of the festival : Audioblast exhibition