Beyond Signal # – Saturday, April 14

Beyond Signal #

Apo-33 offers an evening of silence, minimalist composition and electronic sound. With Keith Rowe and Formanex (Nantes) // Taku Sugimoto and Minami Saeki (Japan).


Taku Sugimoto + Minami Saeki (Japan) – minimalist composition, on the brink of silence

Taku Sugimoto is a Japanese guitarist inspired by free inspiration and musical experimentation. He collaborates with European musicians related to free improvisation such as trombonist Radu Malfatti and guitarist Keith Rowe. His meeting with Minami Saeki gives birth to the recording of Songs, a minimalist album based mostly on singing and sounds recorded in a park.


Formanex + Keith Rowe (Nantes / GB) – prepared guitar, composition, and electronic sounds

Keith Rowe is a visual artist, painter and musician. At the dawn of the sixties, fascinated by John Cage’s prepared piano, but also by visual artists like Jackson Pollock and Marcel Duchamp, Keith Rowe began to apply new methods to the guitar, “as Pollock I needed abandon the technique “. He began translating Paul Klee’s drawings into tablatures.

Formanex is a set with variable geometry and electro-acoustic. Composed of 4 members, their work is between improvisation and composition from graphical elements.

Saturday, April 14 at 8:30 pm

5 € 

Intermediate Platform (LaFabrique)

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