AMM / FORMANEX / ONsemble – Monday 4th december


AMM and Formanex played together in 2002 at the Musique Action festival. It was 15 years ago a meeting between two generations of musicians all influenced by the work of Cornelius Cardew. Once again, the two bands will meet for a new sound and musical experience at the edge of genres, joining them, the ensemble composed of musicians from Nantes and St Nazaire.

Cornelius Cardew is an English composer who has developed an approach to improvisation and graphic writing in connection with the architectural and philosophical experiences of Wittgenstein.


Founded in 1965 in London on the sidelines of the most adventurous jazz, AMM is one of the groups that liberated the improvisation of cultural shackles that prevented it from taking off to the unknown. Fundamental in the emergence of what is now called “improvised music”, AMM has brought together several avant-gardes: the open works of the most intrepid composers, the most libertarian noiseism and the most abstract free jazz.


From the beginning of its creation, in 1997, the ensemble FORMANEX was interested in the production of new musical forms in contemporary music. In this sense, it is part of the continuity of the history of experimental music.


Ensemble of electronic and contemporary music evolving between Nantes and St-Nazaire gathering musicians of all kinds, instrumentalists, improvisers, composers, one of whose objectives is to play, to create and to interpret works of these last forty years.

Nantes – Monday 04 December at 8.30 pm – Pannonica – € 6 / € 4

You can find AMM / FORMANEX / ONsemble in St Nazaire during the festival Instants Fertiles on Friday December 1st