Workshop Circuit bending and building of audio/video instruments

Workshop Circuit bending and building of audio/video instruments

With Enerzion & Mad Processor

Mad Processor and Enerzion offer us a Workshop which permits to get accustomed to electronic notions in every sense : welding, power supply, intensity and sound rules, understanding composition of a cathode-ray tube screen, etc…

Participants will be lead in different experimentations, possible and interdependent, in the final result of a NoN-Eco-System Orchestra :

  •         Circuit-bending on old alarm clocks or loud toys
  •         Video-bending
  •         Making of analogic video effects (sensitive to sounds, glitch)
  •         Make an old tv an oscilloscope
  •         Building simple circuits glishers (sound & video), light-oscillators.

All contribution of recovery gear by participants is obviously welcome !

The assembly of made achievements during the Workshop will be gathered in a NoN-Ecosystem Orchestra, which we will perform together as result of this Workshop.



Saturday and sunday 10 am to 6 pm

Concert at 7 pm

Price : 10€

Subscription at

Apo33Studio – 17 rue Paul Bellamy. Nantes