Ultimate Radio Waves with Robin Plastre, Utus Erod (2020)

– Utus Erod by Robin Plastre –

Thursday 14 May from 13h to 14h on Prun’
Tuesday 26 May from 00:00 to Wednesday 27 May 01:00 on 88vier radio

Listen 88vier here ☛https://frbb.out.airtime.pro/frbb_a


Ultimate Radio Waves, it’s a one-hour programme about experimental music, sound art and the experimental scene in the broadest sense.

While experimental sound creation is well known to initiates, actors and practitioners in the world of art and new music, it remains a practice that is sometimes little known to the general public. Ultimate Radio Waves is in this sense a program that will seek to open a wide audience to these innovative and ever more surprising sound practices.

Apo33 proposes, via its label FibrrRecords,in collaboration with the Nantes radio Prun’ and the Berlin radio 88vier, a broadcast of experimental and radio sound creation!

Broadcast every second Thursday of the month on Prun’ from 1 to 2 pm.
and every last Tuesday of the month on 88vier from 00:00 to 01:00



In May, Robin Plastre proposes Utus Erod

Acousmatic / stereophonic composition

Utus Erod is a sonic epic through the mutations of an inner landscape; a journey between microscopic matter and vast expanses opening onto an infinite space, always teeming. Comparable to a kind of cinema for the ear, let yourself be carried away by this sensory and playful experience where listening suggests a world in full metamorphosis.

Everywhere the cracks where everything erodes.
Watching them deepen
gently under the ambient euphoria.

Podcast here ☛ Utus Erod (2020)

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