Training : Programming for artistic creation and creative algorithm

Programming for artistic creation and creative algorithm

Computer programming has become essential for artistic creation. From video and sound installations to the control of light and 3D ; the mastery of computer programming makes it possible to build customized tools according to its needs : artistic and technical projects. Uses as much in the performing arts as in the visuals arts, the mastery of the computer code allows everyone to optimize and control the chain of creation, from its conception to its implementation in a space of diffusion.

Learn, discover and master (1st level) a programming environement and several computer languages adapted to your project (C++, Python, Bash, Qt+, etc…). Know how to build an application for an IT environment that allows you to carry out your projet.

Artist, musician, composer, technician, stage manager.

-Discover and master multiplatform programming environments.
-Learn to write a computer program.
– Understand the writing of an algorithm.
-Discover and learn to use different types of computer languages ​​(C ++, Python, Bash, Qt + … etc).
-Written combined on artistic project or technical link with informatic program, an application or a choice of specific language adapt

Know how to use a computer and surf the internet and have an interest in the content of the training.

Documentary Resources

All our courses can participate in a validation of your achievements in the context of a VAE to obtain diplomas or to access certain positions.
For this we put in place several tools:
-Quizz interactive
– Situational situation and realization test
Training Evaluation Form
At the end of the training, you will also receive an individual certification of training which proves the acquisition of your knowledge during the apprenticeship.

Romain Papion : coder, artist in computer language adapted to artistic creation and an immersive audiovisual environment.

DATE : 3 or 6 days training
– From Monday 18th at Wednesday 20th November 2019
– From Monday 25th at Wednesday 27th November 2019
– The 18, 19, 20 et 25, 26, 27 November 2019

LOCATION : Studio Apo33
17, rue Paul Bellamy (private yard) 44000 Nantes
(T2 50 otages – Stop bus Talensac)

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Training limited to 5 people, online booking