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Carte Blanche : Hollywood film destructor – Cinéma Perceptuel

Interactive Cinema – dustruction of Hollywoods blockbuster movies, create the soundtrack with your telephone, pilot your cinematographic experience.

Hollywood Film Destructor seeks the end of cinema.
A collective that could be called anti-cinema in relation to our usual vision of Cinema, which poses a critique of a faux theatricality, a narrative position of the false, the loss of meaning through the obsession with ticket sales. Hollywood Film Destructor searches the limits of cinema, beyond the passive and unquestioning act of the spectator sitting in their seats, a cinema that is alive, active and in which the movie goer becomes actor, director, editor and sound engineer.

Thurs 11th to Sat 20 April 2019
Vernissage jeudi 11th April at 18:00
Visit from Thursday to Saturday, 16:30 – 19:30 – free entry