Jonathan Kemp – Earth Probe – Earth Peel workshop

This workshop introduces a basic technique originally used by geo-archaeologists and soil scientists for the study of local earth stratigraphies. The technique traditionally allows for the preservation of selected earth profiles to exhibit their micro-macro interrelations and interactions between the diverse soil components at various levels of organization. Historically in art, it is a technical precursor to works by The Boyle Family.

In a workshop spread over 2 days*, participants will learn how to make their own earth peels (approx. 50x50cm), first digging and applying a reinforced lining to the exposed face, and then, after 24 hours, peeling off their earth profiles. Participants can then take them away for development or display. The process is very open to détournement and participants are welcome to explore additional embeddings/interventions during the workshop.

Participants should bring old clothes etc, and, if possible, a spade, handspray bottles, cheap/old 25-50mm paint brushes, and any containers with screwtop lids. One or two 5L water containers (with or without mineral water inside ; ) are v. useful.

Workshop cost is 30 euros for the 2 days to cover materials.

*Once applied the material needs at least 24 hours to cure before removing the profile. The first day will start early and be long because of working in daylight – there will also be periods of downtime between applications of each peel layer.