Audioblast Festival #9

Audioblast #9

• From Friday 26 to Sunday 28 February



Audioblast Festival

Festival of sound creation using the network as a live venue, Audioblast broadcasts numerous networked audio practices including; experimental music, drone, noise, field recordings, sound poetry, electronic and contemporary music.

Audioblast Festival is in its ninth year having began life in 2012 as the only “Live” experimental sound festival using the network as its primary venue.

The adventure has seen hundreds of artists and musicians experiment with the online format and networked live performances over the years. Practices as diverse as radio art to live coding, improvisation to sound poetry and everything else in between.

Restrictions of movement and closure of cultural venues across the globe, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, has resulted in a surge in Live online performances these previous 12 months.

Leading many more artists by necessity to discover the tools for live performance, experimenting with performance formats and connecting with their audiences and communities through the wires.

This year’s theme is : Divergent Landscapes
Online but also on site : Plateforme Intermédia & Ateliers de Bitche
Co-production Apo33 and Art Zoyd Studios.
Curation: Kasper T Toeplitz & Julien Ottavi.Curation : Kasper T Toeplitz & Julien Ottavi.

Divergent Landscapes

“The physical and environmental attributes of landscapes often shape patterns of population connectivity”

This years Audioblast festival explores the theme of Divergent Landscapes

In the wake of multiple lock-downs, transforming city centers into wildlife friendly zones whilst simultaneously separating urban populations from accessing nature, our experiences of landscape has become mediated, hybrid, multiple and connected. Whether strolling on picturesque beaches in popular video-games, designing virtual realty utopias online or listening to the intensity of birdsong in a soundscape otherwise saturated by the drones of engines ferrying children to school or people to work, we have come to depend on our connected devices to navigate our isolation from each other, from nature and from culture.

Divergent Landscapes seeks to highlight this dichotomy of our virtual wildernesses, hybrid journeys, streams of resistance, phantasmagoric forests and a networked embrace. Making visible the Divergent Landscapes, through our sonic identities, digital realities and public/private (exterior /interior) spaces.