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- audiolink




Sites d'aide et de Howto : Linux Audio/MIDI Realtime System Setup

→ plusieurs howto jack ardour… :

→ Audio Recording on Linux - Using Ardour and Jamin via Jack :

→ howto de Ceres 3, Muse, arecord, Rtmix, sequencers softsynths, Ardour - editing &

recording, Audacity, Terminatorx, Jacking Ardour & Muse, Jacking Pd & Ardour, Protux,

alsamodularsynth, VST Plugins, Achieve Loudness, Multichannel Mods :

* un peu de doc en francais

→ Linux audio videos

Because audio on linux isn't the easiest thing on earth, I have compiled some information as videos. If your favorite player cannot play it, I'd like to recommend the Video lan client, available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

* LinuxAudioBasics?.avi :

* BasicMIDIconnectivity?.avi :

* JackConnectivity?.avi :

recording audio/ video of Linux audio developper conference :

nouveau complément de docs pour faire de l'audio sous linux :

Lecteurs et (re) encodeurs MPEG CoDec

Enregistreurs multipiste et Editeurs de son

Vumetre et controles

Systemes de synthese sonore

Real time audio synthesis

-Supercollider : is an object oriented programming environment for real-time audio and video processing information download sources and compiling info


Synthe modulaire

- Alsamodularsynth

un nouveau dans la bande des synthé patchable :

CLAM audio patch programming :

Boites à rythmes

- Lindrum The lindrum is an open-source drummachine that offers ten channels, realtime control, a simple pattern sequencer and a graphical user-interface. It currently runs under Linux only, it is developed in C++ and uses JACK, ALSA, Qt and LADSPA (it's a JAQL app;)

- Hydrogen Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. It's main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.

Manuel de Hydrogen

Hydrogen Tutorial (français)

Notation Musicale

maison d'édition de partition contemporaines

audio linux & vst (+libre vst)

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