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how to stream your performance with OBS

1-start obs-studio

2-click on settings

3-clicker on output

4-choose recording tab (in order to use icecast you need to use recording section instead of the streaming one)

5-below in “type” choose : custom output (ffpmeg)

6-add the info as such (see photo below) :

type= custom Output (ffmpeg)
ffmpeg output type= output to URL
file or path= icecast://source:lemotdepasse@monserveur:8000/lenomdetonstream.ts
container format= mpegts
muxer settings (if any)= content_type=video/ mp2ts ice_genre=cequetuveux
video bitrate= 2500 Kbps (ça dépend de ta connexion et celle de ton serveur)
keyframe interval= 250
clicker sur show all codecs
video encoder= libx264(default encoder)
audio bitrate= 160 Kbps (selon la connexion)
audio track= 1(mono) 2(stereo)...etc
audio encoder= aac

apply and then click on start recording and if everything is good you should be live!

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