Thêta Fantômes

Theta Fantômes is an artistic creation resulting from our research with networking EEG interfaces as a way of controlling space, light and sound.

We propose with Theta Fantômes to remove the performer from the “physical” game situation and use brain waves instead of material manipulations to produce sound and visual interaction. Thêta Fantomes asks of the performer (or player), which may be a member of the public, a certain level of concentration in order to control the sound and visual composition of Thêta Fantomes.

The aim in Thêta Fantomes is not to try to explain brain function but rather hijack these tools and the potential of their sensors to embrace of new conception of mixing game and mix-media live performance using Brain-computer interfaces. As in Alvin Lucier’s piece “Music for solo performer” where he used his brainwaves to control some drums using EEG sensors in 1965.

Theta Fantomes use different digital and electronic tools in a long term research project related to Imaginary architecture, sonic memories, musical composition and the transformation of the self.

We are not only using these tools, we are hijacking their potential to create an alternative space. The connection and inter-relation between different fields and medium creates another level of understanding whose first reaction could be seen as confusing and possibly intuitive. Beyond the technical aspect of the project lay others level of research and development, such as the way the avatars move in the space and react to “other” things, but also the way the laser is reflected onto the survival covers of the platform and its reflections onto the architecture, the walls, corners and ceiling. The sound and the musical composition is a key element in the project, it created a direct relation between the brain’s electrical activities and the production of sounds : the movement in the composition, the triggering, the manipulation of filters, pitches and other effects, the parameters of which are mostly controlled by the brain waves, where the structure of the composition is influenced by the combination of certain data produced by the brain in relation to the Thêta waves.

The Game Concept

Theta Fantômes integrates elements of “gaming” (play) that allows audience interaction, where participants from the public are invited to interact directly with work. The game is not designed as a space for emotional release or leisure but as an opportunity to build a composition in the form of levels to reach. This is for the player (participant) to get to achieve a state of plenitude and maintain the thêta waves of the brain. These are among the waves produced by the brain when we are asleep or meditative state. When one of the players (the composition should work with 2 to 4 players) reaches any of these levels: the sound and visual environment changes and complexifies the audible layers whilst creating a visual mapping of possible neuronal connections. This visualization is not formal but rather a suggestion, created based on 3D connection, it is constructed as an aesthetic cellular metabolism rather than as a model, which creates an audiovisual performance for those members of the audience not directly engaged in game play.

  • -Palier 1: chaotic state (scattered thinking, sound and visual confused)
  • -Palier 2: Transient state (a calmer state, the frequencies are softer, visual idle)
  • -Palier 3: Steady State (everything becomes right, sounds stabilize, less movement)
  • -Palier 4: state of ecstasy (Theta waves just been reached, semi-somnolence, quiet daze, light beat, transcendence and ecstasy)

In Theta Fantômes, there are no winners or losers, because what counts is that both players reach the final level, while taking into consideration the sound composition and changes in the visual elements. What begins to emerge, is also the notion of achieving these levels in a collective way. Two or four players must meet all steps to move forward in later levels of the game which also transforms the visual and the audible outputs.


Ondes Cérébrales , machine, partition musicale, plateforme mobile, laser

Installation-performances, sonore et visuelle pour les ondes cérébrales, partition musicale, plateforme mobiles et lasers.Nous proposons avec Thêta Fantômes de faire disparaître le performeur de la situation de jeu “physique” avec la matière et d’utiliser les ondes cérébrales pour produire du son et manipuler du visuel. Thêta Fantômes demande au performeur ( le joueur), qui peut-être une personne du public, un certain niveau de concentration pour maîtriser la composition sonore et visuelle de Thêta Fantômes.

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