ALL MY WORKS with computers is made with GNU/LINUX operating system - 100% free software & free content!!!!

I am the now the main developer of APODIO a GNU/Linux multimedia distribution

APODIO is a 7 years old Gnu/Linux distribution, dedicated to multimedia tools for audio/visual creation, to run your own radio, TV, make your own film, animation, art installation, Live Coding and other A/V performance… .

Download it here:

we are waiting for you feedback!!

there is a forum to talk about it:

early Gnu/linux experiment

you could read some report on my earlier experiment here

apodio 5 & 6 tips & tricks:

after series of workshop given in different art school and festival, I came across the same kind of trouble:

graphical cards sound card wifi

-On Mac, in order to use the nvidia driver download and install it through envyng

-for the sound in mac when it's not working straight away as livecd/dvd, apart from hard drive installation, my advice is to use an external sound card or usb sound card stick.

-wifi: install driver or use Ethernet cable. more test todo.

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