Electromagnetic Spectrum Research is an exploration of cities to listen and record the electromagnic spectrum. Julien Ottavi and participants use a copper-wire antenna to catch the invisble electromagnetic waves. The participants are invited to build an antenna as part of a workshop and then to walk in an audio-geographic’s derive across the street of London.

Electromagnetism is the physics of the electromagnetic field: a field which exerts a force on particles that possess the property of electric charge, and is in turn affected by the presence and motion of those particles.

A changing magnetic field produces an electric field (this is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, the basis of operation for electrical generators, induction motors, and transformers). Similarly, a changing electric field generates a magnetic field. Because of this interdependence of the electric and magnetic fields, it makes sense to consider them as a single coherent entity - the electromagnetic field.

The magnetic field is produced by the motion of electric charges, i.e. electric current. The magnetic field causes the magnetic force associated with magnets.

The theoretical implications of electromagnetism led to the development of special relativity by Albert Einstein in 1905.

Eindhoven (Holland) Exploration 2010

by THENOISER (aka Julien Ottavi)

In collaboration with Baltan Laboratories, Constant (Wendy Van Wynsberghe and Peter Westenberg), and the workshop participants (name to come)

Brussels (Belgium) Derive - December 2007

Marseille (France) Derive - January 2007


what is very low frequencies?

Very low frequency or VLF refers to radio frequencies (RF) in the range of 3 kHz to 30 kHz. Since there is not much bandwidth in this band of the radio spectrum, only the very simplest signals are used, such as for radio navigation. Also known as the myriameter band or myriameter wave as the wavelengths range from ten to one myriameters (an obsolete metric unit equal to 10 kilometers).


July 2008 - Sornac/France

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