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links for sound art, experimental music, installation, venues, galleries, artists...etc :

sound art plateform

music label :

lots of label website, distributed by metamkine :

achat transducer : more :

Vibro motor - Gisle may investigate getting some sponsorship from them

Tactile transducer comparison -

Visaton Principles of exciter technology -

Visaton VS-EX60S-8 Loudspeaker exciter [25W average power/40W max power, 8 Ohm, 58x58x20, approx EUR 15 each @ 10 pieces] ( I just noticed these don't work well for magnetic material because of the internal magnet, however…[D]

Rolen Star Audio Transducers (full range but easy to blow) We can borrow 5 or 6 of these from a friend in Copenhagen

SinusLive Bass Pumps (low frequencies only but very robust) Derek can bring 3-4 of these

DIY Transducers

Julien says: “a strong magnet + a copper wire loop type as speaker filter component part”, we are hoping to get some actual part numbers from Julien to order so we can try this

Nice (but very complicated!) howto for making DIY transducers:

For the really simple approach (stripped down speaker connected to a sofa!):

From MakeMagazine, part I:

From MakeMagazine, part II:

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