Become a Member

The benefits of membership
Conditional access to productions spaces, resources, and professional equipment *: The Plateforme Intermédia and its equipment for the creation or completion of new works or projects.

  • 3 PA systems (between 300 and 500W) / audio cables / 24-channel mixer
  • 4 screen vp (4x3m)
  • 4 3000 Lumens video projectors (+ grip) and cable (VGA / Composite)
  • 4 DVD players / Other video format
  • The assistance of the APO33 team
  • Lights – PAR LED (x5) + light controller
  • Computer running Apodio – Gnu / Linux (x2)
  • Fiber optic internet connection

Non-exhaustive list

* Loan of equipment outside the premises of APO33 association: deposit check requested.
Applications for borrowing equipment must be made by email at least 15 days before: