APO-33 ?

Association APO33

APO33 is an interdisciplinary artistic, theoretical and technological laboratory that develops various collective projects combining research, experimentation and intervention in the social space.
Apo33 aims is to work with the dynamics of the free software movement: a modular space, initiating collaborative projects and creative processes and exploring new modes of artistic and creative production and dissemination.

Through workshops, sharing workshops, seminars, interventions in the public space, creations, international meetings, online projects, publications etc., APO33 works to develop the current transformations of artistic and cultural practices, consequences reappropriations and uses of Information and Communication Technologies.

This objectives leads APO33 to work on the margins of the cultural field to explore the passages and crossings that can take place between creation and other social disciplines or practices (political activism, mediation or social action, hard sciences and human sciences, urban planning, ecology, economy …).

Details objectives:

Creation: Apo33 brings together multidisciplinary creators offering collective creations in the fields of sound and multimedia art. The creations developed within the collective are regularly exhibited or presented in the context of festivals or international meetings.

Research: implementation of transdisciplinary collective creation and experimentation schemes, in the form of workshops, workshops, seminars, conferences. The research activity is an opportunity to meet creators from multiple horizons, both geographically and disciplinary. It nourishes the work of creation and impels the setting up of projects in network.

Technological development: technological research on sound creation and digital tools (creation of web-radios, assembly of server networks, collaborative platforms …). Creation of multimedia tools and free software (APODIO distribution).

Theoretical production: organization or interventions in the context of conferences, symposia in partnership with universities or other associations. Publication of books.

Pedagogy and sharing of knowledge: to discover through an active approach the practices of experimental and multimedia sound creation. Educational interventions in school and out-of-school settings. Establishment of practical workshops: workshops, workshops, various workshops.

Resource area: audio, video resources, books on multimedia practices, free and experimental, rehearsal and audio-visual production studio, reception and support of associations or isolated artists, provision of material to members .

Spaces :

APO33 Studios
The associations offices and studios are situated at 17 rue Paul Bellamy, from where the association hosts artists, workshops and exchanges in relation with its ongoing cultural actions as well as technological and artistic research and development.

Plateforme Intérmedia
– An interdisciplinary exhibition/performance space situated at La Fabrique, Iles de Nantes. La Plateforme Intermédia is a cultural project proposed by APO33 that explores artistic and technological fields…
more info : Plateforme Intermedia

L’association APO33 est soutenue par la Ville de Nante, le Département de Loire-Atlantique, DRAC des Pays de la Loire et Le Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire.