Wang Beibei + Orgone Percussion Ensemble

Saturday 27th May 2023
20:30 – Les Ateliers de Bitche – 7/5/4€


As part of the Rhythmajik residencies

Z’EV leaves a colossal set of works and artistic research: articles, books, poems, films, hundreds of recordings, collaborations, a few pieces for ensembles, musical writing projects but also many sculpture-instruments that he wished to leave as a legacy to Apo33 so that we can continue to bring them to life in a practice close to his thought.

Apo33 is organizing a residency with Chinese percussionist Wang Beibei from May 23 to 27 at the Ateliers de Bitche to make the instruments of Z’EV resonate again.
Wang BeibeiPercussionist Beibei Wang is an internationally renowned virtuoso multi-percussionist, composer with both Chinese and British musical education. Beibei has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the classical music world, receiving international acclaim for his projects. His music covers many genres, ranging from classical to contemporary, experimental, traditional, improvisation, electronic, jazz and pop. By exploring new possibilities and challenging assumptions from all fields, she and her collaborators have developed genre-defying, boundary-pushing projects, including dance-theatre, multimedia opera, live body painting & Sound, the cinematic installation, enchanting audiences around the world.
Beibei is also an active researcher in the field of world music. She travels all over the world to study and collect ethnic music, including traditional ANHUI FLOWER-DRUM LANTERNS percussion and dance in China, Indian tabla, Middle Eastern percussion, Irish bodhran, Brazilian percussion, taiko Japanese, traditional Korean percussion.

Orgone (Ensemble de Percussion)

Orgone is a percussion ensemble in Nantes and the region. Orgone is a hypothetical energy discovered by the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich and taken up in several books by the poet William Burroughs. It is for Orgone to create a space dedicated to the interpretation of contemporary percussion pieces at the limit of the genre. There is no indication of the level required of percussionists but rather to have an interest in playing experimental percussion in a group and to be ready to interpret graphic scores or to follow a direction with playing modes. individuals.