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 +From September 18 to September 20, 2005 Julien Ottavi and Dion Workman
 +will implement the next stage in their ongoing collaboration. Since 2003
 +Ottavi and Workman have been developing a collaborative practice that
 +explicitly engages with the social context of experimental music;
 +dissolving boundaries between performance and installation,​ concert hall
 +and studio space (or, the inside and outside of ‘musical’ spaces),
 +improvisation and composition,​ ‘pieces’ of music and ‘sound worlds’ of
 +indeterminate duration. Their collaborative practice constitutes a pure
 +research of sonic intervention into socio-architectonics.
 +Spati0silo will consist of a single long duration performance/​installation
 +utilizing a 16 channel sound system designed and built by Stephan Moore.
 +Capturing sound from the grounds of Issue Project Room, inside the silo
 +that constitutes the performance space and further inside their computers,
 +Ottavi and Workman will construct a 36 hour long piece that explores the
 +aesthetic and technological possibilities of complex sonic spatialization.
 +The complexity of the projects technological and sonic/​spatial aspects
 +will be mirrored in the level of engagement of the artists with their
 +audience. The relatively long duration of the performance allows for an
 +on-going conversation where audience responses can inform the ‘piece’
 +allowing for a social feedback loop that contributes to the evolution of
 +the work. This conversation may operate on the various levels of
 +aesthetic, technological or socio-political considerations.
 +Julien Ottavi is a Nantes (France) based sound artist. He is a founding
 +member of Formanex (performing 20th Century graphic scores by Cornelius
 +Cardew, John Cage, Christian Wolff, Morton Feldman and Earle Brown among
 +others) and regurlarly collaborates with Dion Workman, Kasper T. Toeplitz,
 +Pizmo, Ralf Wehowsky, Keith Rowe, Brandon Labelle and Sophie Gosselin.
 +Recent solo works by Ottavi include Nervure Magnetique ​ (Sigma Editions)
 +and For Degradable Music: the CDR I will Never Release (W.M.O/R). Ottavi
 +is also the founder of the experimental music organization APO33.
 +Dion Workman, a native of New Zealand now based in New York, is a composer
 +and improviser of experimental computer music. For over a decade Workman
 +has been articulating a unique sonic vision exploring the extreme edges of
 +musicality, “sound art” and the audible world.
 +In 2003 Workman was awarded the Max Brand Prize for innovation in
 +electronic and electro-acoustic music by the Austrian Cultural Forum for
 +his composition ‘Ching’ (Antiopic, 2003).
 +In 2004 Workman founded TMP a research collective of sound artists and
 +theorists investigating the relationship between sound and
 +psycho-geography. TMP research projects involve the manipulation of sound
 +in public spaces and the creation of  vastly spatialized sonic pieces
 +where “composition” becomes the act of moving through space.
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