Audioblast #8 Live

Festival of sound creation using the network as a live venue, Audioblast broadcasts numerous networked audio practices including; experimental music, drone, noise, field recordings, sound poetry, electronic and comtemporary music.
The festival will be broadcast live online and through radio spatialisation system installed at the Intermedia platform on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23 February 2020.


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Festival opening

Friday 21rd February 2020 from 8PM30

Location : Les Ateliers de bitche
3, rue de Bitche
44000 Nantes

Opera of things de Jasna Veličković

Opera of Things is a composition for solo performer focused on movement, proximity and reanimation. Composer Jasna Veličković leads a coil over the magnets, triggering the magnetic fields to produce their ‘voice’. Veličković uses a similar procedure to capture the ‘voices’ of power adapters or remote controllers.
The title of this work alludes to the concept of the ‘Internet of Things’, which involves extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices into any range of common objects, such as a lamp or a ventilator.
Aimed at things that are already there rather than creating new, Opera of Things drugs us into the electromagnetic field where the interference and magnetic field become the foreground sound. Going back to the roots using coils and magnets, all the sounds are produced live without computer. Duration, loudness, speed and colour can be controlled by changing the position of the coils around the magnets/objects or by changing the speed and intensity of the physical touch while moving the magnets/objects.
It sounds at the same time familiar and new.

Jasna Veličković
Born in Belgrade, Jasna Veličković is composer and performer based in Amsterdam.
Since 2008 she became interested in various layers of interference between magnetic field and music. With “Shadow Studies” she started playing instruments without touching them. This become her ongoing artistic research whose aim is the creation of tools that facilitate playing on instruments or objects using the transformative acoustic possibilities of electromagnetic field. This gradually lead her to the invention of the new instrument, Velicon a tactile electroacoustic instrument made of magnets and coils.

Body Stress de Biosonic Orchestra

Body Stress is a live sound piece. The artist’s body is used as a generative partition through sensors. So he created a electronic piece, where the body is plunged into a metatheatre in the space with the public. A spectator is invited to interact and be connected to the system itself. The artist is immersed in a state of progressive stress during the performance.
His body being used like a medium between the audience and the sound device. It does echo at psychologic resistance needed in the face of agora and a world of over-consumption.

Biosonic Orchestra
Aymeric Lepage, electronic artist, Nantes.
He composes sound singular and sensitive pieces combining electronic and electroacoustic devices.


GE-m_E-mG de a30t

Just a computer with sounds, noises, nuisances and other pleasant sound on the hard drive.
Whether “online concert” of 22nd or 23rd or for the “live at Bitche” on the 21st, the sound piece is the same, improvised,…
The only difference will be to show this piece in front of the audience and not in front of my family in my living-room…
Ps : “Audioblast #8” with the 8 lying down, would it not be the infity symbol ? If yes everything is not definitely lost…


Surcharge/Overload de Krypt’art

Our project is based on a NASA video representing : “A Year in the ife on Earth’s CO2”. We plan to use it as a map of significant particle generation to take an ironic look at the observate phenomenon. In the same way the sound will be generated from this base. 45 mm of sound and animate images, until saturation…


Infographist and muscian, Julien develops an artistic work through dreams generated by computer that mix figuration, abstratction and electronic music. A musician and visual artist, Carine develops a work between sound and image in various contexts. Concerts, performances, shows, videos and audiovisual installations, she interrogates their reports and seeks to find new languages. Their collaboration within Krypt’Art (Association localised at Joué-sur-Erdre, laboratoty sound/image inspired by Art/nature/environment relations) is at the origin of a series of audiovisual creations. These artistics propositions, far from a exploration self-reflexion of the medium used, seiez the tools of digital art, to interpose the spectator, while questioning the relationship between Nature and Culture in the 21th century.


“Méconium” Live Set / “Axones et Céphalopodes” de Collectif Machine Sauvage

« Etablir de nouvelles connexions synaptiques solides au lieu d’ inonder l’espace interneural avec une substance prédéterminé par des additifs.
Une boucle serrée de rétrocontrôle ; les décharges de ces neurones modifiées ont une influence sur les catégories de molécules qu’ils sécrètent, lesquelles à leur tour contrôlent la reconfiguration des synapses proches. Les centres régulateurs vitaux et les neurones moteurs ne sont pas touchés, bien entendu. » Performance AV de deux artistes du collectif. Grooves boxes, synthés et VJing. La narration se développe à l’aide d’une surcouche d’interface de science-fiction, la violence sonore étant appuyée par un balayage hyper rapide d’un millier de GIF animés. Un mix de motion design et de media server procédural sur une création sonore radicale située entre Edgar Varèse et Thunderdome. La performance utilise le “flux” à son extrême invitant à réfléchir sur la surcharge d’informations qui nous entoure.

Collectif Machine Sauvage
The collectif Machine Sauvage regroupe plusieurs artistes numériques travaillant aussi bien l’audio que la vidéo. Il est basé à Lille est propose une fois par an un festival de Vidéo Jockey le “Lille Vj Festival”.
Ce que l’on fait : Performances audiovisuelles, musiques électroniques et industrielles, installations interactives, Vidéo Live et Mapping vidéo !