Silences of the internet - LIVE from COVID 19 DECONFINEMENT

OR Listen ☛ HERE!

From Tuesday 11th May till Tuesday 9th June 2020

After a long period of constant information, Apo33 is seeking for the silences of the internet. A new project for a post-media state - we are streaming 2 weeks of pure silence from 2 empty virtual room!


Bonus Artist Studios

Bonus Artist Studios is a support network for the visual arts sector in Nantes and the region. Bonus proposes artist studios, office space for arts organisations, artists production facilities,hosting residencies and cultural… Read Article →


Wednesday 9th November to Weddnesday 23rd November Beta-Tests (Research and production time open to artists of the region.) APO33 opens the Plateforme Intermédia to members interested to trial “Beta Test” their creative… Read Article →

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