Borgbot: Online sound art installation

automatic composer and online lab Borgbot is a machininc entity that lives permanently in Apo33 studios. It extended the sound environment of those who lives in this place.


Wednesday 9th November to Weddnesday 23rd November Beta-Tests (Research and production time open to artists of the region.) APO33 opens the Plateforme Intermédia to members interested to trial “Beta Test” their creative… Read Article →


26/27/28 février 2016 Concert / Live / Sound / Streaming LISTEN HERE! [wp-stream-player url=”http://apo33.org:8000/audioblast.ogg” type=”ogg|asx” autoplay=”no” ] LISTEN HERE TOO (vlc) FRI 26 FEB 18:00 Emily Godden & Audit Chaos 19:00 Nicola… Read Article →


Sunday, November 29 Plateforme Intermédia / La Fabrique – 16pm – 3€ We propose a new series of ciné-siestas during the year showing independent feature films and the film before the film… Read Article →

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