APO-33 ?

Association APO33
APO33 research lab – A publicly funded, not-for-profit association/artists collective. APO33 focuses on collaborative working practices; crossing sound, art, philosophy and technology. APO33 is an artists run space for testing and developing projects and artworks by the collective and resident artists. Research and development produced by the association is intentionally “open” and “freely available” for use by the community; artists, programmers, researchers and organisations, as well as to the larger public. http://apo33.org/

Through exhibitions, workshops, seminars, artistic creation, international meetings, on-line contributions, publications and interventions in public spaces, APO33 queries today’s transformations in artistic and cultural practices consequent to the current re-appropriation and usage of Communication and Information technologies. This questioning has driven apo33 to work at the edge of the cultural field, by exploring possible passages and crossings between artistic creation and other social fields or practices (political activism, social mediation or action, human, environmental, natural and applied sciences, urbanism, economy, ecology…).

APO33 Studios
The associations offices and studios are situated at 17 rue Paul Bellamy, from where the association hosts artists, workshops and exchanges in relation with its ongoing cultural actions as well as technological and artistic research and development.

Plateforme Intérmedia
– An interdisciplinary exhibition/performance space situated at La Fabrique, Iles de Nantes. La Plateforme Intermédia is a cultural project proposed by APO33 that explores artistic and technological fields…

Les Ateliers PCP
– Artists studios project run by APO33 situated in the industrial port city of St Nazaire – PCP host 10 artists from early to mid stages of their careers for annual residencies, as well as offering a project space for short term use by artists and arts organisations. http://pcp.apo33.org


  • Presedent : Bernard Robic
  • Director : Julien Ottavi | julien(A)apo33.org
  • Administration : Amandine Nehou | amandine(A)apo33.org
  • Project Coordinator : Jenny Pickett | jennypickett(A)apo33.org
  • Technology Coordinator : Romain Papion | romain(A)apo33.org