Hackerspace : learn how to use VCVRack

Thursday, April 23rd – from 5 to 7 p.m.
Workshop in free price

This software is a marvel! It will allow you to do “modular” without having to spend hundreds of euros or having to carry huge heavy crates for your concerts or rehearsals.

VCVRack is a free and open source software to create virtual modular synthesizers, it was created by Andrew Belt in 2016 to allow everyone to learn and play the modular synthesizer. Modular synthesis is a very specific field of instrumental creation which allows you to create your own synthesizer from modules that have different functions: frequency generators (this allows you to model different types of sound and notes) but also many other effects (delay, rever, flanger, distortion…etc), sound control or sound appearance tools (cv – voltage control for example, clocks or sequencer) or filters of any kind (equalizer, high pass, low pass…etc).


– We will be chatting on http://apo33.org (right on the main page)

http://framatalk.org/hackerspacenantes to discuss the software itself.