Brut’Image #1

Brut’Image #1

Music, cinemas, resistances


De 20h30 à 00h00
Location : Les Ateliers de Bitche
3, rue de Bitche
44000 Nantes

>> TRANS-AEOLIAN TRANSMISSION “Xinjiang, Taklamakan & Karakoram”
concert + road-movie (France/Italy/China)

A new concept : travel/compose/write/film elsewhere, a long way, where neither the recording industry nor the artistics agencies will ever take any occidental musician into defined countries impossible to reach, deemed too difficult – but above all of derisory gain and therefore of negligible interest for the artistic industry.
Live there, travel there for weeks, months. Meet musicians from other worlds. To be destroyed, to immolate one’s own music and to annihilate one’s cultural influences by the power of other songs, melodies, monotonous chant, rhythms, other sweat, trance and elevation.
Break everything in turn, spit out and shape the materials, respectfully iconoclastic, just to tend to be and become what music really is when it is no longer venal: a wind, little thing or nothing, but a free and cathartic emotion.
A live performed on the video projection of a documentary-fiction-road-movie directed by the artist. There. Far.

“XINJIANG, TAKLAMAKAN & KARAKORAM” is a search (field-recordings + video shooting) in Xinjiang with Uighur musicians (shamans, bards and Dolans), then a reconstruction using computers and electrical instruments, developing a Neo-musicPost-industrial Shamanic. On stage, three musicians play a documentary/fiction/road-movie live, on video images shot by themselves in adventure/creation/wandering in Uighur country between Kashgar, Marqit and Iarkam, in the depths of the Taklamakan desert, in the mountains of Karakoram on the Pakistani, Tajik and Kyrgyz borders to the hearts of the last stop towns of the Silk Road.

“XINJIANG, TAKLAMAKAN & KARAKORAM” is the first creation of the Trans-Aeolian Transmission, assisted by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Beijing. The Creation in concert took place at the Zajia temple in Beijing during the Festival Croisements, the Premiere in concert + screening at the Mayakovsky Theatre, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, in March 2015.

>> ENSEMBLE DIME joue live “Dog Star Man” de Stan Brakhage, cine-concert

The DIME Ensemble is an open group, composed of professionals and amateurs, which goes beyond the historical schools of electronic music by proposing forms of writing and composition without limit in the use of new instruments and digital technologies. The ensemble creates its own works collectively using participatory technologies : the public participates sometime in the composition in real-time and manipulates the tools of sound transformation. DIME is an ensemble that develops new relationship with musical writing and the interpreation of new compositions. The ensemble can play as well in concert hall, a gallery, as in a neighborhood or a street corner.

“Dog Star Man, begun in 1959 and completed in 1965, is as an introduction a landmark film by Brakhage, marking a turning point in his work. It must be said that this feature film is a true film monstrosity: it is his most ambitious film structurally and formally (it consists of five short films autonomous and capped in four layers of overprint), the longest (it lasts four and a half hours in its «extended» version, The Art of Vision), and it is technically at the crossroads of all the styles it has been able to borrow.
Dog Star Man is thus a sum film, which synthesizes all the previous discoveries of the filmmaker. The film is made of five parts. Each of them can be screened autonomously, but it takes on its full meaning when it is considered as the segment of a wider set (the entire film). The film was shot in 16 mm color film (some shots are black and white) and is completely silent.”
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>>CARLOS BERNAL BARRERA “El lugar, las dudas” (experimentations with headphone)

El Lugar, Las Dudas (“the place, the doubts”) is a collection of sound pieces where research, exploration, accident and the discovery of possibilities with electric bass were the principles of creation. Here the repetitive gesture was the preferred creative method: this produced the appearance/de-occultation of sound qualities such as dissonances, rhythmic micro-variations and lags that intertwine and overlap to create a whole repertoire of unexpected sounds.



20h30 at 00h00
Location : Les Ateliers de Bitche
3, rue de Bitche
44000 Nantes

>>PUTAN CLUB feminist electronic industrial avant rock techno sauvagerie, France/Italie

The Putan Club does not belong to any church (rock, techno, jazz, avant, or what the fuckever) but claims the right to be all that, and more. And proved it, from Laâyoune to Beijing.
The Putan Club is wanted as a cell of resistance, characterized by a mode of action (actions of force in various places) very close to the first plots of the European partisans during the last world war and Iraqi resistors, Afghan or Chechen.The resistance is organized by the archaic and immediate means of our century: electric voices and rumors, tanks of assault and words counted, as to say of the rock painting to the most daring conceptualism, from avant-rock to contemporary classical music to more brutal techno/house, from kissing on the kick to ass..

The Putan Club claims an act-prop debordienne/situationiste action. Hey baby, it’s subversive…
Voices, guitars, bass, drums and computer, industrial, techno/dubstep, electricity and wildness – as if Skrillex violated Birthday Party: groove and high-voltage. The places of action are plural: from the New York art gallery to the Bosnian squat, from the German museum to the Japanese club, from the French theatre to the Portuguese festival. With an average of more than 180 concerts per year, 1000 concerts since its creation, regularly touring Europe, China, Turkey, Africa & Central Asia as well as many international festivals like Bazant Pohoda (SK), Tomorrow Fest (Shenzhen, PRC), Milhoes (PT), Festival Croisements (Beijing, PRC), Amplifest (PT), pUTAN cLUB remains iconoclastic, violent, groovy and resolutely feminist-revolutionary. Trance, Dance and Challenge.
Finally, pUTAN cLUB is Lydia Lunch’s preferred detonator.

>> ANTI-ROCK MISSILE ENSEMBLE avant noise drone dissonance, Nantes

Antirock Missile Ensemble is a new ensemble of contemporary rock music whose purpose is to create pieces at the crossroads of post-rock and what is called symphonic rock: music based on scores or a direction. ARME works with graphic scores composed of signs (drawings and music), the instrumentarium is composed of the classical power trio bass, guitar drums but increased by the number of musicians who compose the ensemble with variable geometry. Music constructed as a symphonic form structured by movements while manipulating the writing and concepts resulting from deconstructed rock and noise rock.

>> AUTI DARI dj set techno acid house kraut 100% vinyle

Finalist of the hardcore springboard for the 2019 Paco Tyson, Auti Dari comes from the rave and free party scene of the ’90s, 100% old school. A member of the Ravolu-son sound systems and a resident of the Undergroundradiomix webradio, the Nantes DJ is also the author of experimental and ambient music under the influence of Richard D. James and Brian Eno.

>> CARLOS BERNAL BARRERA “Au regard de” (video/listen) + “El lugar, las dudas” (experimentations with headphone)
video monocanal, sound, 14’03”

The video proposes an image where the notions of proportion and scale become ambiguous; we find ourselves in the middle of the dialogue between one here and one there undefined.
The sound, produced with an electric bass, is the result of the repetition of a single gesture – inaccurate and variable – of the performer, this produces micro-variations that gradually accumulate throughout the piece.
Thus, the video offers the viewer a walk to states of contemplation where to stay and wait become the protagonists.

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Parties are organized with Filtre à Sons, a nantais collective objective to diffuse and share differents creations and no-conventional in a idea community initiative. Music, visuals arts, performances, writing, events organization, booking, DIY .