Exhibition Ivan Murit

Exhibition Ivan Murit

Biologics prints

Vernissage Tuesday 28th January at 18h30

Opening times : from Wednesday 29th January at Sunday 02nd February at 14h30-18h30

Combining digital and print, this exhibition reveals a mixing between nature and technical. Biologics prints presents the artist work and designer Ivan Murit. He uses algorithms and scientifics models of naturals phenomenon for generate shapes and textures. We discover a particular approach tools of visual creation while plunge in a immersive world of organics patterns. He search forgotten primitives whose our eyes isn’t accustomed.

Ivan Murit

Ivan Murit manipulate shapes and colors throught computer programming. He compose systems wich create forms. His interrests and research in visual field and sciences brought him to use agorithms taken from nature’s scientific models, putting in perspective the way we produce culture. His works often takes the form of production process, tools or installations.


Location : Les Ateliers de Bitche
3, rue de Bitche
44000 Nantes

Price : Free