Training : arduino, data sensors and robotic creation

Arduino training, data sensors and robotic creation

The Arduino system is a tool for making small computers that can capture and control more things in the physical world than your desktop. It’s an open-source platform of programmeed electronics that is based on a simple microcontroller board, and software, a
true integrated development environment, to write, compile and transfer the program to the microcontroller card. Arduino can be used to develop interactive objects, which can receive inputs from a wide variety of switches or sensors, and can control a wide variety of lights, motors or other hardware outputs. Arduino projects can be stand-alone, or they can communicate with software running on your computer (such as Pure Data, Processing and many others).

Coming out of this whorkshop you have to be able to use arduino optimally that is to say that you will be able to imagine projects both in the field of robotics, data control, interactives environments, immersive or even build controllers for music or live video, guitar pedals and many other things that we have not yet imagined !

Artists, musicians, performances technicians, open to all those who want to create connected objects, home automation, robotics but also artistic or technical applications for the visuals arts or the show.

-Discovery of the Arduino environment (hardware and software)
-Mastering the code and possibilities offered by the microcontroller
-Know the construction of the code and know program Arduino (constants, variables, conditions and serial monitor, loops and calculations)
-Learn how to use Fritzing, circuit modelling software
-Learn how to build electronic circuits adapted on your project (breadboard, resistance, capacitor, potentiometer, led, sensors, etc..)

Ability to use a computer and surf the Internet and have an interest in the content of the training.

Arduino microcontroller
A breadboard
Electronic components
Documentary Resources

All our courses can participate in a validation of your achievements in the context of a VAE to obtain diplomas or to access certain positions.
For this we put in place several tools:
-Quizz interactive
-Situational situation and realization test
-Training Evaluation

On the end training, you received a diplom individual of training who prove your knowledges acquisition during aprentissage.

Romain Papion, artist and coder, environmental specialist, he built many technical and artistic installations for exhibitions and show. Expert of creative and application code.

LOCATION : Studio Apo33
17, rue Paul Bellamy (private yard) 44000 Nantes
(T2 50 otages – Stop bus Talensac)

DATE : 3 days training
From Monday 16th at Wednesday 18th December 2019
9h at 17h

For any questions or registration you can send us an email at

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Training limited to 5 people, online booking