Training : Become Sysadmin

Become Sysadmin, creating your server and mastering the Gnu/Linux computing environment

Nowadays, making your own server become a necessity; both to master your tools but also to control your budget and your data. Becoming a system administrator and managing its internet server requires some expertiste but allows everyone to host personal websitesand blogs, professional or for his entourage and still have control over your internet messengers and other file sharing. Hosting your server also improves your carbon footprint, server like google consume a lot and it everyone could host their own server it would allow to share energy consumption instead of concentrating it in one place. Finally you control what becomes of your date, nobody can resell it or use them at the end who don’t desirate.

In this trainig it is necessary to be able to set up a personaliazed server on the internet, to be able to administer it with a visual interface and command line. You will need to be able to master all the tasks that a sysadmin performs, to administer other users, from installation to day-to-day maintenance but also to manage spam and rootkit attacks. Likewise you will be able to administer (families, collaborators, associates, friends… etc) and allow them to use simple services on your server as email box, website hosting and other avaible services file sharing, streaming, collaborative working platform, calendar, etc…).

Ability to use a computer and surf the Internet and have an interest in the content of the training.

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All of our courses can be used to validate your VAE skills in order to obtain diplomas or to gain access to certain positions. To do this we implement several tools :
-Interactive quizzes
-Implementation scenario and test
-Training evaluation Form

At the end of the course, you will also receive an individual attestation of training which proves that you have acquired your knowledge during the apprenticeship.

Administrator, geek computer enthusiat, anyone who cares about their privacy on the internet or who wants to acquire knowledge to manage their own server.

-Learn how to set up an internet server (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS…)
-Understanding and mastering the administration of an internet serveur
-Learn how to modify your internet box to make your server public (opening ports, forwarding, DMZ, internet and public IP, etc…)
-Know and master the concepts and tools related to the security of your server (Spam, rootkit, web attacks in general such as spoofing and exploitation of secrurity holes).
-Learn how to manage users and manage your server to provide services to your community.

Romain Papion : Sysadmin for 6 years for the association Apo33, security specialist and wed services adapted to the artistic community of Nantes.

LOCATION : Studio Apo33
17, rue Paul Bellamy (private yard) 44000 Nantes
(T2 50 otages – stop bus Talensac)

DATE : 3 days training
From Moday 28th at Wednesday 30th October 2019
9h at 17h

For any questions or registration you can send us an email at

We make preferential rates to our members if you wish to become one or send an email to

Training limited to 5 people, online booking