Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre

Program of NEAR2019


17 at 21 September

Tuesday 17th September. Opening of exhibition “We are all medias” à 18h30 free
Location :
La plateforme Intermédia
Boulevard Léon Bureau
44000 Nantes

Exhibition wednesday 18th of saturday 21th September 16h30 at 19h30.

– Anonymous Media Artists. Bring your videos of demonstrations, selfies, you, your cat…to participate in the film being made during the exhibition. (usb sticks, hard drive…).
– Stream Yourself. A microphone permanently open at the bottom of the platform stream live all the messages and other sounds you give it !

– Live Streaming Cinema. Over several days, the Live Streaming Cinema offers Oddfilm: films of weird and incongruous places in Nantes. Available on youtube #oddcinema and replay during the exhibition

– YOU! this one concerns you! A camera, a replay live editing of you, no recording like a movie making out of you.

17th at 22th September
Permanent Conference on the End of the World – ONline conference machine
Avaible from 17th September 2019 on

Thrusday 19th September – 20h-22h free
Location : Maison des Arts
26, Rue de Saint-Nazaire
44800 Saint-Herblain

Digital Debate and Artistic Creation
With Jenny Pickett

Anaïs Rolez

Philippe Boisnard

Saturday 21th September Concert of Grand Nimportequoi Orchestra! free
at 20h at 23h

Location : Aux Ateliers de bicthe
3,rue de bitche
44000 Nantes

Everyone can play and do anything in the Grand Nimportequoi ensemble: improvised music, jazz, freejazz, punk, noise, experimental, classical, dada, fluxus, rock, visual, perf, poetry, theatre, dance, play the bike, the pipeau or any musical instruments or everyday objects or whatever you want.
Monthly session open to everyone, a time to do anything together, drink drinks and wait for the end of the world!

!!--Partnership Digital Week--!!

In partnership with the Maison des Arts de St Herblain and the Maison de la poésie.
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Near – Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre

The Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre [NEAR] is a new kind of electronic art research, public presentation and open workshop. During several days many experiments are proposed in different settings (exhibitions, performances, workshops, conferences), several projects use the robot as a form of mockery on the fantasies of the human to want to create a living form to replace it.

As part of the Digital Week.