Exhibition – I captured Santa Claus – From December 21, 2018 to January 9, 2019

During the Christmas holidays, the Electronic Spectral Research intervenes at the Intermédia platform to try to capture the santa!

Through several capture devices (EVP, Breath, infrared camera and live stream) the ESR will create the conditions to catch all kinds of spirits, ghosts and mysterious entities like Santa Claus. The exhibition will be visible from outside the Intermédia Platform, both on the window side but also on the metal staircase side through a spatialization of speakers that will broadcast the sound of the breath of several people and the spectra captured on the radio frequency 1485Khz (the frequency of Jürgenson, famous researcher of ghosts of the field of EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena).

The exhibition will be broadcast, also, live on the internet (live stream) to allow everyone to observe and monitor the specters of Christmas.


Electronic Spectral Research

International group of spectral research using electronic tools to catch all types of entities living in the field of one beyond but also those of parallel worlds, interdimensional fields, legendary and mystical. Based on a form of agnostic research and assuming that any belief or scientific discovery is valid on the ground of the perspective of the living beyond our known universe or our current dimension, the Electronic Spectral Research opens meta-artistic forms which may exist under different installations, documentaries, editions or pseudo-research backed by our environment.

Opening Friday, December 21 at 18:30! (Christmas aperitif guaranteed !!)

Permanent visit from December 22, 2018 to January 9, 2019 – 24 / 24h – 7 / 7d

Live Streaming